Upcoming: How I completed my PhD in 1 year at age 24 while also working at the same time earning over $140,000

Watch our for another post coming soon explaining:

  • How I finished my PhD at age 24, just one year after completing my Masters degree at 23
  • How I have 80 publications which were cited over 50,000 times (over 1000 times as first-author).
  • Hacks that allowed me to simultaneously work in industry jobs before graduating, earning over $140,000 income legally even though I was an international PhD student on an F-1 visa.
  • Strategies that helped me win multiple graduate fellowships and awards worth $90,000 combined.
  • How I survived grad school drinking only Soylent for every meal for 3 years.
  • How I received travel grants to go to 10+ conferences around the world for free and how I networked during these events to get multiple job offers and internships.
  • Tips for getting admitted to PhD programs and for getting internships and job offers.

Upcoming: How I saved a million dollars by age 27 after working 3 years and retired early at 29

In this upcoming article I’ll talk about:

  • How I saved over a million dollars by age 27 after working for only 3 years.
  • How I reached FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) at age 29.
  • What it was like working at the top tech company in Silicon Valley vs the biggest firm on Wall Street.
  • Negotiation techniques I used to double my pay each time I switched jobs.
  • My strategies for investing in the stock market and how I made over $400,000 in capital gains.
  • What life is like after retiring from corporate life.