Upcoming Personal Finance Guide: How I earned 3 million points in 3 years and why I only keep $1 in my bank

Keep an eye out for the next upcoming article about:

  • Why I only keep $1 in bank accounts but can get a million dollars in cash instantly.
  • How I invest 100% of all my savings in stocks and the breakdown of my portfolio.
  • Personal finance tips especially when traveling internationally.
  • Why I haven’t legally married my wife yet and how we save taxes by being domestic partners instead.
  • How I got 20 credit cards in 3 years and earned 3 million points while still increasing my credit score.
  • How I redeemed the points for $100,000 worth of free hotels and business class flights.

Upcoming: How I saved a million dollars by age 27 after working 3 years and retired early at 29

In this upcoming article I’ll talk about:

  • How I saved over a million dollars by age 27 after working for only 3 years.
  • How I reached FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) at age 29.
  • What it was like working at the top tech company in Silicon Valley vs the biggest firm on Wall Street.
  • Negotiation techniques I used to double my pay each time I switched jobs.
  • My strategies for investing in the stock market and how I made over $400,000 in capital gains.
  • What life is like after retiring from corporate life.